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Neighbors art

Neighbors Art, artists who are neighbors in support of Ukraine

The European artistic sector has been very busy since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, passionately spending itself in support of the courageous Ukrainian people, raising funds, creating initiatives and promoting Ukrainian culture in all its forms. They are examples Sashko Danylenko, Saint Javelin, Art for Ukraine, or to remain in Italy the realization in Santa Maria Hoè (LC) of the beautiful mural by the artist Gianmaria Bonà who has also done so much for Ukraine in the past. The work carried out by must be added to this list Neighbors Art, an organization created by the Polish artist Magda Rejma, which brought together under one virtual roof more than one hundred artists who are "neighbors" from Ukraine to give their contribution to the cause.

The Neighbors, Art Against War

In fact, the artists all come from countries bordering Ukraine, in fact we find Moldovan, Polish, Hungarian and Slovak artists in the collective, all very involved in supporting the Ukrainian cause, all determined to bring their support through what they do best. create works of art.
Neighbors Art is in fact an online shop of posters made by these artists on the theme of the war in Ukraine. The proceeds from the sales will go entirely to charity in favor of the Unaweza association, a Polish reality in aid of the children involved in this criminal war.
The themes touched by the works are many, often even difficult to assimilate, but this is war and it is at our doorstep, we cannot simply turn away and wait for it to pass, otherwise it will risk overwhelming us in the near future as it has overwhelmed the Ukrainian people starting from that February 24, 2022.

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The Neighbors Art online shop

Neighbors art shop
Some items on the Neighbors Art online shop

On the Neighbors Art online shop it is possible to view the entire catalog of works created in the form of posters and at a very accessible price (17 €) whose proceeds will go entirely in the form of a donation to the Unaweza association. The works are beautiful and impactful, all made by artists neighbors of Ukraine specifically for the support of civilian victims of this war.

Neighbors Art on social media

You can also follow Neighbors Art on their social networks, connecting with them you can stay updated on all the news and related initiatives.

Buy your poster at Neigbours Art

on the Neighbors Art online shop you can choose the design you prefer and buy by paying directly by credit card with a double benefit: you will receive a splendid poster in support of Ukraine and the proceeds will be donated to charity to help Ukrainian children involved in the conflict.