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Bikes4Ukraine raises funds to send bikes to Ukraine

When we say that the world has rallied to help Ukraine in every possible way we are not using a euphemism. From art to sport via information technology, every sector of civil society has rolled up its sleeves and is doing what it can to not make Ukrainian citizens feel alone in the face of this modern tragedy. Also Bikes4Ukraine is part of this world and is working in a sector that is often underestimated, that of the transport of civilians.

Bikes4Ukraine and donated bicycles

Bikes4Ukraine photos
Some of the bikes delivered to Ukraine by Bikes4Ukraine

Bikes4Ukraine is a Danish non-profit association which stands picking up bikes not only in Denmark, but also expanding to other regions of Europe (Milano and its citizens have recently helped the association by donating 150 bicycles), to be able to send them to various Ukrainian cities where moving comfortably has become a privilege and no longer a right. Bikes4Ukraine has already collected hundreds of bikes (many have already been delivered to Ukraine) and is now trying to raise funds through its website to be able to send more. Shipping hundreds of bicycles is not cheap at all, you need very large trucks that have to cross all of Europe and enter a country at war in order to deliver them.

Why Bikes4Ukraine

In many bombed out areas of Ukraine i public transport has become a mirage, thousands of cars were destroyed and the roads they often are unworkable. The founders of Bikes4Ukraine realized that bicycles could at least partially meet the need for movement of Ukrainian citizens, and in fact as soon as they founded this organization the requests from the various Ukrainian cities became a daily affair.
Many "lucky" cities, which have not suffered bombing or in any case destruction (especially in the oblasts of Western Ukraine) have found themselves with hundreds of thousands of displaced people from the immense battle front, and they too obviously need a means to be able to move and try to get back some life that was stolen from him by the Russians.

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Bikes4Ukraine on social networks

All the news and updates of the Bikes4Ukraine association can be found on their social channels.

How to help Bikes4Ukraine

Bikes4Ukraine's fundraising campaign is active and you can find it on their website. The funds raised will be used to pay for the transport of the bicycles collected in recent months to Ukraine. You can also contribute from Italy by donating by credit card.