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Gostomel animal shelter

Gostomel animal shelter, fundraising for their animals

There are many animal shelters which suffered serious damage during the war but which continue indomitable with their work of care and sustenance for their four-legged guests (we have already spoken, for example, of the shelters Bakhmut's LADA and Sirius of Kyiv). Among these there is certainly the Gostomel animal shelter, north of Kyiv, which in the first weeks of the war was right at the epicenter of the fighting with the Russians for control of the city.

The animal shelter during the battle of Gostomel

gostomel shelter bombed
A part of the Gostomel animal shelter after the Russian bombing

Gostomel was a key location in the early days of the conflict because it is there home to the strategic Antonov airport which is located just 8 km from the refuge. The battle was fierce and also decisive for the Ukrainian resistance, but the refuge, being exactly in the center of the hostilities, had to survive for weeks in dire straits, without water, electricity, food and under Russian bombing.
For well three times Gostomel animal shelter was bombed, causing considerable damage to the structure and causing the death of several animals and serious suffering for both the staff and the other guests.

Fundraiser for Gostomel animal shelter

The volunteers of the shelter, who have operated in desperate conditions and who still continue to give their support to the poor animals housed, have set up a fundraiser to support the structure.
The funds raised will be used for the shelter's most urgent needs, i.e. for the repair of sections destroyed by Russian bombing and for the purchase of food for the dogs and cats present. For them this is the thin line that separates life from death.

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Gostomel animal shelter on social media

On their social networks you can follow all their activities, how they are helping dogs and cats in Ukraine in need and how the result of donations to the shelter is transformed into concrete help for our four-legged friends.

How to help Gostomel animal shelter

On their site it is also possible to donate from Italy via PayPal to help the Gostomel shelter repair its structure after the bombings and to buy food for the dogs and cats hosted (over 700).