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tviy krok raises funds for mechanical repairs for the army

Tviy Krok, the mechanic on the side of the Ukrainian army

Tviy Crok is a charity organization born in Ukraine with a very specific mission: donate to the armed forces the instrumentation necessary to repair their mechanical equipment. In a war anything happens and mechanical repairs are the order of the day. We cannot think of receiving weapons and armored vehicles and then abandoning them once they are damaged. A fundamental part of the Ukrainian resistance is based precisely on the repair of everything that can be repaired in order to have an arsenal that is also quantitatively up to the situation.

Tviy Krok, so many projects for the armed forces

Tviy Krok mobile workshop donated to the army
A pickup vehicle transformed into a mobile workshop by Tviy Krok's team

Tviy Krok is therefore an organization specializing in the supply of high-level technical instrumentation for the repair of equipment damaged by the enemy.
They have already completed several fundraising campaigns for the transformation of vehicles into real mobile workshops given to soldiers. In this way, even in the hot areas of the front or in its rear, it will be possible to carry out decisive repairs to damaged vehicles.

Among the many completed projects we find the conversion of various civilian vehicles into mobile workshops for equipment repair, or the supply of maintenance equipment of military vehicles and much more. You can see all active and completed campaigns in the Projects section of their site.

Tviy Krok's "souvenirs".

Tviy Krok souvenirs
Some "souvenirs" from the battlefield for sale on Tviy Krok

To encourage donations to achieve their goals, there is also a section on the site "souvenirs” where you can buy various very special objects used during the war. In fact, among these souvenirs we find ammunition cases, gas masks and even a still intact "survival package" found in the trenches of the fleeing Russian occupiers. Hopefully it didn't do much for their survival.

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Tviy Krok on social networks

You can follow all the progress of the campaigns and the goals achieved by the Tviy Krok team also on their social networks:

How to donate to Tviy Krok fundraisers

To donate to Tviy Krok for their projects to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply select your preferred fundraising campaign and donate by credit card.