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Ferrero (Nutella) does not suspend activities in Russia

Ferrero, the bitter taste of Nutella in Russia

While in the world there are multinational companies that decided on the very day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia to end their business in Russia (and they didn't fail), there are other companies that have cynically continued to do business with the Kremlin, feeding the coffers of the Russian administration with greedy revenues.
Sad flagship for Italy is the Ferrero, producer of Nutella and other very famous brands, which has decided that yes, she doesn't like war, but she likes rubles even more.

Ferrero: I'm suspending business in Russia, actually not.

Production at the factory near Moscow and direct sales in Russia will continue as usual

Shortly after the start of the war, Ferrero issued a press release in which it advocated suspending non-essential activities in Russia due to the dramatic situation in Ukraine. Even without proclaiming an exit strategy from Russia, the press release boded well. Two days later, the new press release in which Ferrero corrected the word "suspension" with "pause". That is, for now we are slightly retreating, ready to forcefully return to the invader's market as soon as everything is resolved.
This pause in non-essential operations means only the temporary halt of marketing and advertising activities while manufacturing in the establishment near moscow And direct sales to Russia will continue as usual.
After these press releases, the Italian company is completely silent on the subject, with the exception of the decision to make a donation to Unicef ​​for the Ukrainian emergency which, in the light of the facts, seems almost more like a marketing act or a way to wash one's conscience rather than a substantial contribution to the cause.

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The cynicism of Ferrero's Russian site

Ferrero russia press release
Part of the press release on the Ferrero Russia website.

As if that were not enough, on the Russian site of Ferrero we find the press releases of ethical and sustainable development (!!!) of their production, of the fact that in August 2022 (i.e. 6 months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine) have achieved the goals of their five-year energy saving plan in the Moscow production plant! While in the West we were battling with the increases in raw material prices for natural gas, Ferrero announced a 21% reduction in the use of its Russian plant.
If that's not cynicism, then we really don't know how to define it.

The Ferrero Brands

Ferrero Estate Russia
One of the many famous Ferrero brands

Ferrero obviously doesn't just produce Nutella, other very famous products of the group are:
Summer (beverages);
Nutella (spreadable chocolate);
Kids (therefore all snacks such as Kinder Fetta al Latte, Kinder Sorpresa, Kinder Cereali, Kinder Bueno);
Tic Tac (candies);

To buy Ferrero products or not?

Every extra euro we give to a company that continues its business in Russia is a euro that helps reinforce the concept that consumers don't care which side of history they are on.

The ethical dilemma on consumption is always present. What can we do to give a signal? To make it clear that the road to support the Russian economy is causing thousands of innocent deaths in Ukraine?
The consumer always has a choice possible in a market as vast as ours where an almost infinite choice of products should not create difficulties in replacing those brands that are contrary to our idea of ​​ethics. If then we can't give up Nutella or Estatethe then let's not give up, but let's always keep in mind that unlike Ferrero, other big brands have withdrawn their products from Russian shelves so as never to be associated with Russia.

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However, there is an objective fact. Every extra euro we give to a company that continues its business in Russia is a euro that helps to reinforce the concept that consumers don't care which side of history they are on, the important thing is just to enjoy the show on television, in front of a glass of Nutella, that sooner or later, everything passes.

We advise you to follow the sites as well B4Ukraine e Leave russia. Both sources are full of information regarding all international companies that have not yet left the Russian market. You will discover some beautiful ones.