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Pope Francis Russian propaganda

Pope Francis, the perfect example of a pro-Russian propagandist

After nearly 20 months of Russian invasion of Ukraine, with thousands of atrocities and war crimes, rapes, child abductions, murders and literally hundreds and hundreds of square kilometers razed to the ground by the Kremlin's army, something must surely have escaped Pope Francis and to the big names of the Vatican.

When reality surpasses imagination, the words of Pope Francis in St. Petersburg

Pope Francis Speech St. Petersburg
Pope Francis pronouncing "great mother Russia" in his speech in connection with St. Petersburg

If we could already find the Pope's speech in video link with young Russian Catholics in St. Petersburg inappropriate, what came out of his mouth was incredible and officially certifies its position in this war, surpassing the well-known faces of Italian Russian propaganda that we see every night on our local talk shows and fully embracing the hard and pure line of the Kremlin (which wasted no time in complimenting him on his words of support).
After the usual Sunday catechism panegyric, Pope Francis let slip a phrase that fully identifies his position. We quote verbatim the words from the video that we can find on"Don't forget your identity. You are heirs of great russia, the great Russia of saints, of kings, the great Russia of Peter the Great, of Catherine II. That big and cultured Russian empire, of so much culture, of so much humanity, never get rid of this legacy. YOU ARE THE HEIRS OF GREAT MOTHER RUSSIA. Go on with that and thank you, thank you for your being, for being Russianβ€œ. Need we add more? Alone Olga Skabeeva e Vladimir Solovyov (two of the most famous propagandists of the Kremlin-controlled media) could go so far.

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Criticism of Pope Francis' Russian propaganda and the Vatican's clumsy response

Pope Francis Speech text St. Petersburg
The text published on the official website of the Vatican, suitably cropped and corrected in terms of exaltation of the "great mother Russia"

The accusations of the Ukrainian government agencies came immediate and justified, accusing the Pope of Russian propaganda. His words are unacceptable today and thus justify the Russian massacres in Ukraine.
Then, just as happens in Russia, the precise denial arrives from the Vatican's leaders: No, the pope has never made propaganda for the Kremlin. And indeed going to see the transcript of Pope Francis's speech at the Russian forum in St. Petersburg published on official website of the vatican it would seem so. Too bad the transcriber has accidentally avoided reporting the final part that we wrote above and which is shown on video from Corriere della Sera website and that we invite you to listen to realize for yourself what the dear Pope was capable of saying.

More examples of Russian propaganda from Pope Francis

The problem is that this is not a simple rant from a poorly informed elderly man, his words are a very precise choice, as were Berlusconi's words a few months before his death in a speech at Porta a Porta by Bruno Vespa: β€œPutin he was pushed to invade Ukraine to replace Zelensky with a government of good peopleβ€œ. Senile dementia has something to do with it only up to a certain point knowing the solid link between putin and Berlusconi.
In the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Pope Francis himself wanted a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman to walk the Via Crucis of 2022 to support the cross of Christ together. In the same way, always in the Via Crucis of 2023 in Rome, it was decided to have two texts written by a Russian and a Ukrainian read, as if to say, we are the same, we are brothers. But do you think? Again with this altar boy rhetoric? In 2023, can't we expect some slightly more complex reasoning?

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What is Russian propaganda aimed at

Even without mentioning the "great mother russia" Pope Francis was already walking a very fine line between propaganda and hypocrisy. The prayers for the martyred Ukrainian people who for months have persisted in invoking from the balcony of St. Peter's Square in Rome have not had the same effect as the Himars, we are sorry to have to point this out to you, and all these ambiguous positions have done nothing but influence thousands of believers who now invoke a peace at any cost, obviously not since their lives are at stake.
The Kremlin's propaganda in the West aims precisely at this, at creating dissent among citizens such as to influence the decisions of governments, so far firmly established (albeit with some turbulence) in their support for Ukraine. A peace at any cost would only lead to the freezing of the borders of the territories hitherto illegally occupied by the Russians, certifying the use of blind violence to expand their political influence and to make money by looting entire nations.

Being Catholic during the war

We hope that being Catholic in these years of great geopolitical upheavals is not a limitation, but a boost to the search for a truly just peace, where the attacked does not become the aggressor and vice versa, where the words of an over eighty year old are not given for the absolute truth, but which can be questioned in the light of events, in a free conscience and with a critical spirit.