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Sign My Rocket, sign your message to the invaders

Sign My Rocket, your message to the Russian invaders on a Himars missile

Let's face it, we all wanted to send a message to the Russian ogres for all the atrocities that the international criminal army putin is committing in Ukraine. Today thanks to the Ukrainian association CENTER OF ASSISTANCE TO THE ARMY, Veterans and Their Families your wish will come true, and the delivery will take place directly on the invaders head!

Write your message on an artillery piece with Sign My Rocket

Sign My Rocket sign your message
Some examples of personalized messages sent to Russian invaders via missile

No one has ever questioned the creativity of the Ukrainians, but since the beginning of the Russian invasion they have been surpassing themselves in order to raise the largest number of funds to help their army free the temporarily occupied territories (we have already talked about, for example, UA Postcards thanks to which you can send a Ukraine-themed postcard to Russian embassies around the world).
With Sign My Rocket you imprint your personalized message indelibly on an artillery piece Ukrainian and which will be delivered to the enemy right on his own head!
All offers collected by Sign My Rocket will be used to purchase material for the Armed Forces of Ukraine such as technical and medical equipment, vehicles and food.

Your words about a missile for Himars

Messages about the Himars
Messages written about the Himars by Sign My Rocket

And if you really want to be sure that your message is delivered effectively, Sign My Rocket allows you to write your sentence on a Himars missile! We have already discovered in the past the effectiveness of this US artillery system and how it turned the tide of war and effectively allowed to hammer Russian positions and drive back the invaders. The cost for this message is $1.500, certainly not a donation within everyone's reach, but certainly effective. The proceeds of this "special promotion" will be donated entirely to the aid of the military section that deals with the Himars.

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Your message with Sign My Rocket not only on Himars

Your message to send to the Russian ogres can be written by choosing one of several options that Sign My Rocket makes available at different prices depending on the artillery element chosen.
For example, with $200 you can leave your signature for putin & co. on an M777 howitzer, with $700 on an M982 Excalibur, while, listen, with $20.000 (yes, it's not for everyone), your message will be written on the side of a MIG-29 fighter jet. Not bad. On the home page of Sign My Rocket you will find all the options.

How do I know that my message has really been sent?

Once the donation has been made, the staff of Sign My Rocket will take photos and videos the moment your message is sent! Boom!

Sign My Rocket on social media

Follow the activities of the crew of Sign My Rocket on their social networks, where you can be updated on the results of their fundraising, on the deliveries of equipment to soldiers purchased thanks to your messages.

How to send a message to the Russian invaders with Sign My Rocket

To send Russian criminals (literally) to hell, you need to access the site of Sign My Rocket. On the home page you will find a form where you can write your message and donate the amount you prefer. Payment is made securely by credit card.