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Leave Russia, the site for monitoring companies that are still operating in russia

We have already written on other occasions about companies that continue to work as if nothing had happened in Russia despite the continuation of the war in Ukraine. There are sensational examples such as Barilla e Ferrero, but obviously they are not the only ones and some have been officially defined war sponsor. Leave russia is a project of KSE (Kyiv School of Economy) which keeps the developments of these operations under constant control.

Leave russia, a great archive for ethical business

The site Leave russia reports the status of companies operating in RussiaLeave russia it is a huge database of all the major companies in the world and their dealings with the Russian market. It is a very useful tool for those who want to do business in an ethical way, to avoid trading with companies that have not yet given up rubles despite the war in Ukraine continuing to be heavy and bloody.
By choosing to stay and work in Russia you are consequently choosing to continue paying taxes to the Kremlin (which, as has already demonstrated, immediately transforms them into lethal weapons to be used against Ukraine), to support the Russian economy by nullifying the effect of the sanctions international and to help Russian citizens not to feel the weight of war.

Which multinational companies have not yet left Russia

Unfortunately, there are many and very famous companies that have not yet abandoned the Russian market. Among these, in addition to the aforementioned Barilla and Ferrero, we find Leroy Merlin, Nestle, Pepsico. The list is very large, we advise you to sit comfortably in your armchair and view it on Leave Russia, you will have them for quite some time.

How to consult Leave russia

On Leave russia you will find updates on the status of the operations of many multinationals, indicating whether they have left Russia, whether they have suspended their operations or whether they continue to do "business as usual" with the Kremlin's international criminals. It is also possible to search for a company if you are doing specific research.
La methodology used by Leave russia it is very complex and to verify if a company is continuing to carry out operations in Russia it takes into consideration various financial sources, also relying on data released by the Russian Ministry of Economy (to verify if and how much taxes have been paid) and on the main models online finance. Added to this is the monitoring of the various press releases that companies issue.

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