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Marta Pitchuk Motanka

Marta Pitchuk and her Motanka dolls for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The war in Ukraine called thousands of men and women to the front to defend their homeland from the Russian invader, but even those who remained in the cities did not shirk their duties to support the army in every way. Everyone is doing their part by making their skills available. Martha Pitchuk is an example of this fighting and indomitable spirit that with his works in which he represents the Motanka dolls they are raising funds to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

What are Motanka dolls, the heart of Marta Pitchuk's works

The Motanka are dolls originally from Ukraine, born in a very distant past and arrived to our times always with the same shape. They are faceless dolls, instead of eyes, nose and mouth there may be a drawing or embroidery, but they never embody the shape of a face. Even the clothes of the Motanka always follow the Ukrainian tradition, with the typical embroideries that we have now come to know and appreciate.
The very name of the doll indicates the way they are made: without seams and using needles and scissors. The material is wrapped and woven into the Motanka doll. A unique feature.

artist marta pitchuk with motanka
The artist Marta Pitchuk with one of her works

Marta Pitchuk's works, mainly paintings, have one particularity: Motanka dolls come to life, acquire a face and a soul that make them modern and strong. Real fighters like Ukrainian women are today who are giving themselves body and soul for the victory of Ukraine in this dramatic war.
Another interesting feature of the Motanka dolls depicted by the artist is their outfits. In each painting Marta Pitchuk dresses her dolls in clothes with traditional embroidery and designs belonging to a specific Ukrainian region.

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Marta Pitchuk's paintings in auction for the Armed Forces

Marta Pitchuk has put her art to the service of charity and has organized several auctions of her beautiful paintings with the proceeds going to various charities for thepurchase of useful equipment for the military at the front. His auctions take place on his social networks, where it is possible, starting from a pre-established starting point, to bid (even from abroad) to win one of his splendid works.

Marta Pitchuk Motanka Victory Kyiv
Marta Pitchuk's Motanka doll inspired by the Victory of Kyiv

Marta Pitchuk on social networks

You can follow the artist Marta Pitchuk on her social channels, where you can see her paintings and her active efforts to raise funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Through Facebook you can also follow and participate in auctions to win one of her paintings, have your own Motanka doll at home and at the same time help the Ukrainian army get closer to victory.