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Husky Help Ukraine

Husky Help Ukraine, help for huskies in Ukraine

The war, as we know, is sparing no one and animals are often unaware victims of the barbarity that the Russians have unleashed in peaceful Ukraine. Many, too many times, dogs, which are the main companion animal and therefore spread within families is very wide, have been abandoned by their legitimate owners due to emergency conditions caused by the war, some who had to escape under Russian bombing, those who lost everything in an attack, those who were previously evacuated. Or just because they weren't good owners.


On the side of the huskies

The Ukrainian organization Husky Help Ukraine was born in 2020 with the aim of lending a hand to a particular dog breed, huskies, dogs that are certainly not easy to manage, but good and loyal when treated as they deserve. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the workload for the Husky Help Ukraine staff has obviously increased significantly.

What does Husky Help Ukraine do

Husky help Ukraine From Facebook
Two huskies rescued by Husky Help Ukraine (the photo can be found on their Facebook page)

Husky Help Ukraine is a volunteer organization that deals with rescue huskies in difficulty in various areas of Ukraine and to bring them to safety in appropriate shelter facilities, to bring them medical care and food. The animals that are recovered are in fact often in considerable difficulty, subjected to constant stress and with diseases caused by malnutrition or injuries, abandoned and strays on the difficult streets of Ukraine.
The association also provides for the purchase of the husky itself if it is entrusted to an owner who is unable to take care of it, who keeps the dog in a state of abandonment or who uses violence against him. In this way, Husky Help Ukraine offers a second chance to an animal that would unlikely have had a long life.

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Husky Help Ukraine it is not a kennel with its own fixed structure, but collaborates with several animal shelters in Ukraine to which she offers support and donations for the care of the Huskies she takes care of. The organization's fundraising in fact it serves precisely this, to bring care, food and shelter to poor dogs in difficulty.

A second chance for a husky

A considerable part of the work of Husky Help Ukraine is that of rehoming rescued huskies. This process is very meticulous and the association ensures that the dogs under its supervision are adopted only by people with a situation suitable for adopting a husky. Not everyone can take care of such a demanding dog, so the controls are rightly strict. Huskies are dogs with a great personality and need considerable attention and care and if these requirements are not met the adoption will not be successful.

Husky Help Ukraine on social media

You can follow all the activities of Husky Help Ukraine on their social networks, where you will find all the huskies rescued by them, their stories of how they were taken into their care and, hopefully, more and more stories with happy endings for these beautiful dogs.

Husky Help Ukraine's fundraiser to help huskies affected by war

Husky Help Ukraine is not a government association and does not receive any state funds for its activities. Everything is done thanks to private donations. If you also want to help Husky Help Ukraine you can go to their website and make a donation via PayPal (therefore by credit card) or bank transfer.

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