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LADA shelter in Bakhumt, the fight for the safety of animals continues every day

Bakhmut unfortunately we all know it now, a symbolic place and theater of some of the most ferocious clashes of this war, a Ukrainian stronghold for endless months of fighting. The defenders of Bakhmut resisted heroically to stop the Russian army and prevent the front from expanding to other places.
Bakhmut no longer exists. Bakhmut is just a dot on a map, razed entirely by attackers. In Bakhmut life was erased, men and animals were, at best, evacuated to safer territories. But Bakhmut's spirit is actually still alive in his citizens and in the charities that continued to work until the end to help those who found themselves in this hell.

This is the case of Bakhmut LADA animal shelter, a story like many in today's Ukraine (we have already talked about the refuge Sirius of Kyiv and Gostomel animal shelter), but a special story for all of us.

Bakhmut LADA shelter, the resistance for animals

animal shelter lada bakhmut
Some guests of the LADA refuge in Bakhmut (from Instagram)

Il Bakhmut LADA shelter account over 200 four-legged guests and during this war he fought to keep his animals safe in often desperate conditions. The animals suffered great suffering due to the bombings in the city and the surrounding area, they suffered from the lack of food and medical care which was increasingly difficult to find, but despite all these difficulties the LADA volunteers continued their work to safeguard their animals. animals, have literally worked miracles to keep them alive and safe.
This too is a form of resistance, a fight for which one does not need to take up a rifle, but to use all physical and mental energy to help the innocent and most defenseless victims of this atrocious war.

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The LADA shelter in Bakhmut was evacuated

The situation in Bakhmut has obviously become untenable over the course of the war and LADA volunteers are committed to raising funds to help the animals at the shelter to survive and thanks to the donations collected online, they managed, despite great difficulty, to evacuate their 200 guests to other structures, albeit in precarious conditions and always at the limit of their resources.
The evacuation was very challenging, both due to the large costs of safely transporting the animals and due to their physical and psychological conditions, which were very worn out by the war. But despite all these difficulties, LADA volunteers never gave up, they persevered and still continue to help dogs and cats in difficulty in the Bakhmut area, always the epicenter of the conflict. For this LADA needs our help and continues to collect donations online to bring medical care and food to suffering animals. 

LADA animal shelter on social networks

APS LADA is on Instagram, follow them to see their stories of struggle and resistance, the stories of their four-legged friends hosted by their shelter and all their activities.

Help the LADA animal shelter in Bakhmut

You can help the LADA animal shelter in Bakhmut by contributing with an online donation that you can make wherever you are in the world. Payment can be easily made online via credit card. Every contribution is important, every help can save the life of an animal in difficulty.