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The World's Longest Marathon for Ukraine

The longest marathon in the world in support of the heroes of Ukraine

Please note this date: October 29, 2023. On this day we will race the longest marathon in the world to thank the heroes of Ukraine who every day dedicate their lives for the victory against the Russian invader. You too, anywhere in the world where you are, you can participate to show your gratitude to the defenders of Ukraine and Europe.

The full staff Stand for Ukraine (complete with mascot!) has already signed up for the World's Longest Marathon and will participate from Italy in this great collective event to demonstrate once again which side we are on, without doubts or hesitations.

Marathon for the heroes of Ukraine by Nova Poshta

The event was created by New Post to involve all the people who support Ukraine in a demonstration of collective thanks to those who are fighting at the cost of their lives to restore peace to their nation and to preserve our rights of freedom and democracy that we have had since the end of the Second World War considered untouchable.
This marathon has been defined as β€œthe longest in the world” because there is no almost 10-year-old competition like the one that the Ukrainian armed forces have been fighting since 2014, the year in which Russian terrorists illegally annexed Ukrainian Crimea to their federation.

Your dedication to your heroes

You can dedicate your participation to one or more heroes of the Ukrainian war, to a particular battalion or army or to a single person who is dedicating his life to defending the borders of Europe from the Russian aggressor. It is a symbolic gesture but one of great impact and importance, we must let the women and men involved on the front know that the world is still next to them and our support is stronger than before.

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How and where to participate in the longest marathon in the world

The main event will take place not only in Kyiv where Nova Poshta organized a symbolic 1 km long run, but all over the world, wherever you are. You can register on the World's Longest Marathon website and on October 29, 2023 you will be able to share your photos taken during your race on social media via the hashtag #worldslongestmarathon and tagging on Instagram @worldslongestmarathon and @novaposhta.official.

participation medal world's longest marathon Ukrainian
The medal symbolizing participation from the Marathons for Heroes of Ukraine designed by Yurko Gutsulyak

If you sign up in time you will receive it official starter kit of the World's Longest Marathon event, but hurry because the kits are limited. The kit includes:
a bib with your participation number with a special space to write the name of your hero;
a symbolic medal in memory of your race for Ukraine drawn by the artist Yurko Gutsulyak;
a postcard with a photo of the battlefield made by photographers Kostyantyn and Vlada Liberov.

A donation to protect the skies of Ukraine

During registration you can make a donation of any amount you want (starting from 100 UAH, just over €2,5...) which will be donated to the organization Come Back Alive for the 'purchase of air defense equipment of the skies of the peaceful Ukrainian cities. A donation that will serve to protect millions of people from the continuous criminal and terrorist attacks of the Russian Federation against civilians and the armed forces engaged in the reconquest of temporarily occupied territories.