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Elon Musk's merciless cynicism about the war in Ukraine

Di Elon Musk we always talk about the good or (as often happens) the bad. Every 6 months or so an autobiography is published about him or some member of the family, authorized or otherwise, in which his actions are often elevated to the deeds of the Saints and their martyrs. Genius or buffoon, his entrepreneurial ventures have never clarified this point. However, he himself takes care of tipping the scales towards one of these two options with his posts on X (formerly Twitter), the social platform he bought to relaunch it, or to sink it definitively. 

Elon Musk mocks Zelensky over US aid

Elon Musk posts about Zelensky and USA Aid
The post on X in which Elon Musk mocks Zelensky about the US's difficulties in approving the new aid package.

His post on
The meme posted by Elon Musk is a parody of President Zelensky unable to request new billions of dollars in aid from the USA and has greatly infuriated those who are basing the resistance to Russian aggression on that money and fighting to achieve a victory that will finally bring peace and freedom back to Ukraine.

Ruthless cynicism and Russian propaganda

On October 3, 2022 he enlightened the world with his peace proposal detailed in four lines

What hurts most is to see a person with so much influence make fun of the suffering of millions of Ukrainian citizens, to underestimate the heroic efforts of ordinary people who without Western economic and military aid would probably now be under Russian rule, and to not even think about what this would mean for our free and democratic world.
Elon Musk's cynicism it's certainly nothing new, but now it's mixing with a childishness unworthy of a public figure of his caliber. It seems more like a joke between teenagers rather than the statement of one of the richest and most respected people on the planet.

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But Elon Musk is certainly no stranger to these controversies and his words have often echoed that pro-Kremlin propaganda that is so fashionable among Western Russophiles like the fake pacifism who would like to disarm Ukraine (but not Moscow) or the rather imaginative interpretations regarding the borders and history of Ukraine.
On October 3, 2022 he lit up the world with his peace proposal detailed in four lines:

  • New referendums in the regions militarily annexed by Russia. Regions in which we remember millions of people have been evacuated and many more killed. In short, a referendum with Russian machine guns aimed at our temples.
  • International recognition of the annexation of Crimea by Russia.
  • Water supplies assured for Crimea.
  • Neutrality of Ukraine (as if it were not neutral before and if this condition had prevented Russia from invading it).
elon musk peace ukraine twitter
Elon Musk's detailed "peace proposal" (from X)
Upon reading this post, one initially thought of some threat from the Russian secret services to Musk and his family that had forced him to publish these words, but a year on from this frenzy everything suggests otherwise.

Elon Musk and Starlink still under investigation

If we add to all this the controversy over Elon Musk's satellite communication system, Starlink, the picture becomes complete.
Initially Elon Musk guaranteed the use of Starlink to the Ukrainian army at a crucial moment of the war, the first days in which communications were heavily disturbed by the Russians, only to then backtrack because he could not give up this service for free. A nice contract with the Pentagon then guaranteed the use of Starlink in Ukraine (otherwise Musk would have disconnected the connection), but another controversial detail was later revealed and is still the subject of analysis and investigations.
Elon Musk would have denied access to Starlink's Ukrainian communications on Crimea to prevent the Kyiv army from attacking Russian naval ships in the disputed area, to avoid an escalation of the conflict that could have led to a nuclear attack by the Kremlin in response . Even expert military strategist now.
The issue is still debated, we will discover more details in the coming months, when the authorities have more information on what happened.

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Meanwhile, the hashtag #ElonMuskIsATraitor (Elon Musk is a traitor) has become trending on the social platform owner of Tesla and X, a sign that his message has not gone unnoticed.

Silence would be golden

No one demands the unhesitating siding of such influential figures in favor of Ukraine. We hope so, but we don't dare have such rosy hopes.
Elon Musk has missed several opportunities to say nothing, but his mania for protagonism and, apparently, his ideas imbued with fake pacifist propaganda in favor of Russia have pushed him decisively to a very specific part of history.
In this comedy-drama it will be interesting to see how he will reposition himself when Ukraine wins the war against the Kremlin. Will he delete his posts?