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We are at war but we don't know it

We may already be at war, but we don't care

That is, how a large part of European citizens don't have the slightest idea of ​​the historical period they are experiencing.

The war is in Europe, but we don't want to admit it

The war today is in Europe, we are in Europe, we are not as far from the front line fire as we imagine

On February 24, 2022 at dawn a new era began for the whole world, the resumption of war aggression in the heart of Europe overturned all our beliefs acquired in years of peace and stability... but only for a few days. Then everything went back to normal and the war in Ukraine is now, just over a year and a half after the start of the conflict, considered by many in the West to be little more than a nuisance. Yet this is not the case.
After the numerous acts of solidarity at all levels of civil society, after the initial disorientation, everything returned to everyday life, the news on the war decreased (we are moving towards a "low intensity" clash, they said... certainly low for us citizens of the European Union, tell that to those who reject hundreds of Russian attacks in Ukraine every day), the holidays have arrived, we have taken off the mask since Covid was only a memory and perhaps never existed. And we have literally abandoned women and men in Ukraine to fight a war to defend Western values ​​of freedom and democracy on our own, while also asking the West to give up supplying arms to Ukraine in the name of a senseless pacifism. The war today is in Europe, we are in Europe, we are not as far from the front line fire as we imagine.

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Ask family and friends

Try for once to ask your friends, your relatives or your work colleagues what they think of the war, if they know what stage the operations of the Ukrainian counter-offensive are at, if they know of symbolic events or battles. In the best of cases the response will be a long empty silence, in the worst some bestiality plucked at random from the Russian propaganda that invades every media in circulation in the name of an illogical level playing field of information (if a Ukrainian speaks it is better for him to explain the his reasons also a Russian. God forgive me).
La media disinformation is maximum and the disinterest in the Ukrainian war among the good people of the West has crossed the red line of escalating embarrassment. Yet the words of the international criminal putin and his subordinates towards us Westerners and towards our "deviant", "demonic" and "drugged" lifestyle are public and before everyone's eyes. But let the Ukrainians take care of it. What do they want from us.

The faults of others

What would happen if Western European governments told their citizens the unvarnished truth tomorrow? That we too are in this war

But no matter how indefensible the media are with their gossip and a political class that prefers to treat us like children (as we deserve) by hiding the dangers looming over our continent from us to avoid seeing us go crazy like crazy chickens, the real culprits are all of us citizens of the European Union (obviously not all of them, you understand me) that we dictate the political agenda to the governments in office and decide which news should be broadcast Focus in the media and which ones can easily be hidden.
We want to know when the price of petrol will fall and when the interest rates on variable mortgages will fall, but we are not really interested in knowing why they have risen, because inflation has reduced our purchasing power by 30% in the space of a year. , we never ask what is the real reason for the increase in electricity and gas costs. Or rather, WHO is to blame. And if we don't ask, it means we don't want to know.

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What would happen if Western European governments told their citizens the unvarnished truth tomorrow? That we too are involved in this war, fortunately for now without being bombed and without military mobilisation, but that to prevent this from happening we must push the accelerator and ensure that the front line moves back to the border with Russia?

Russia is pushing on our borders

And if the massacre's Russia putin reached through Ukraine to the borders with the Baltic states, Poland, Romania and Hungary? What if tomorrow the European Union was under siege? We would certainly find ourselves unprepared, especially on a psychological level. I don't think our mental toughness can even compare to that of the Ukrainian people which is resisting with pride and a strength that in the European Union we don't even dream of possessing.
We are not prepared for anything, we know almost nothing and we live in the hope that nothing will ever change for us (who cares for others). Yet we all have the tools to inform ourselves and they are the most powerful that civilization has ever had. We have the internet on which we can read news from different sources and evaluate which are the best, we can buy all the books we want at a low price with just one click, we can see live what is happening in Ukraine. But we don't do that. So what is our problem? In the first part of the 900th century, our grandparents went through two world wars, why did this happen to them and why is it impossible for this to happen to us?

All wars start with people in restaurants

For every war, even those that have been announced for days, there is a newspaper report from the day after in which it says "the city was living normally, the bars and restaurants were full, people were dining and drinking while the first air raid warning sirens rang outβ€œ. Exactly like this happened in Kyiv on the night between 23 and 24 February 2022. As happened on the streets of Belgrade or Zagreb at the beginning of the 90s in the war that crumbled the now former Yugoslavia.
Precisely to prevent this from happening also in Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Brussels it is necessary not to be tired of remaining alongside the Ukrainian people, it is necessary to take a few minutes in our day to read and study what is happening just outside the borders of our European Union. We must invest our time and resources to continue supporting Ukraine until it wins, with every means at our disposal. Always reminding ourselves that the dirty work, that which puts life at stake every day, is being done by the Ukrainians, in our place.

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