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Mattarella support for Ukraine

Italian President Mattarella always at Ukraine's side

Il Italian president Sergio Mattarella also renewed during the XVIII informal summit of the Arrajolos group in Porto which took place on 6 October 2023 the full support for Ukraine. But this is only the latest statement from a man of great political sensitivity, a true European man with a broad vision of the future so as not to make the mistakes of the past. Since February 24, 2022, President Mattarella has always made his voice heard clearly and clearly on the war in Ukraine, even in a very fragmented context like the Italian one and with a significant infiltration of Russian propaganda.

President Mattarella in Porto: avoiding a new 1938

However, Mattarella has never had any doubts about it, always trying to draw attention to the danger that Russia represents for democratic and free Europe

In a Europe (but also in the USA, things are no better) which, poor, after just over a year and a half she seems to have already tired of seeing others fighting in her place to eliminate the Russian danger, fortunately there are also rumors of unconditional resistance to the Ukrainian cause. Italian President Sergio Mattarella declared during the Porto summit that a lack of support for Ukraine in this unfortunate war it would mean recreating the pre-war conditions of 1938, when during the Munich negotiations the whole of Europe satisfied Hitler with the cession of part of the Czechoslovakian territory to Germany, thinking that in this way he would be satisfied and would interrupt military operations. We all know how the story went.

The comparison between Nazi Germany at the time and the Russian Federation today is more than appropriate, the actions of putin they seem to faithfully follow those of Hitler in the years immediately preceding the Second World War. It is not an exaggeration to say this, even if there are still inexplicably hesitations on the part of the world political establishment in admitting it, always hunting for a few more votes even in the deepest depths of the electorate.
However, Mattarella has never had any doubts about it, always trying to draw attention to the danger that Russia represents for democratic and free Europe, even when the political divisions in Italy and the search for consensus at all costs push the representatives of the various political groups to statements that seem more like pro-Russian propaganda rather than pro-Atlantic propaganda. 

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Mattarella: support the Ukrainian resistance for a just peace

The right peace for the Italian president is one that respects national borders, the sovereignty of the Ukrainian state and that guarantees true and lasting peace

President Mattarella is certainly not a fanatical warmonger who wants to arm Zelensky's army. Certainly Sergio Mattarella wants peace in Ukraine, as we all want it, but at what cost? At the cost of granting victory to the aggressor? At the cost of admitting that brutal force is the most effective tool for obtaining wealth and power?
These childish talks, diametrically opposed to the vision of the Italian president, on peace through the disarmament of the attacked they are simple rubbish, a mental short circuit that has always been there in the world and which has brought humanity to the brink of global disaster on more than one occasion.

Mattarella himself is the president of a nation that in 1945 rose up against the Nazi occupiers and helped the American army move up from Sicily to Milan, liberating Italy, and he certainly didn't do it by throwing tomatoes and potatoes at Hitler's army , but militarily arming the partisan resistance.

The right peace for the Italian president is the one that respect national borders, sovereignty of the Ukrainian state and which guarantees true and lasting peace over the decades to come, for one integration of Ukraine within the European perimeter.

President Mattarella, never giving in on Ukraine

On the other hand, we are talking about a statesman of the highest level, the longest-serving President of the Republic (he is already in his second term) and who during the war in Ukraine has always issued one-way declarations: to support as long as necessary and without Kyiv sagging.
In April 2023 during his visit to Poland he spoke to the press declaring "support to Ukraine as long as it is necessary, as long as it is necessary, in every respect: military supplies, financial, humanitarian, for the reconstruction of the country, with a conviction that this concerns not only Ukraine, and not only the countries close to Ukraine like Poland, but concerns all countries that refer to the freedom of individuals and peoples" and also "if Ukraine were left at the mercy of this aggression, more would follow. And global connectivity would plummet“. Also during the summit with the Polish president Duda added that "we are all, as we all know, horrified by some of the inhumane behaviors that are used by the Russian Armed Forces in war".

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On the occasion of one of his instead visit to North Macedonia in September 2022 he declared"Resistance against the imperialist plan manifested by the Russian Federation will require a long-term commitment and is already imposing significant sacrifices on our populations, starting with the rise in energy and food prices. But they are immensely lower costs than those we would have to suffer if this logic of aggression were not immediately stopped, which re-proposes the scenarios of devastating wars of past centuries. "

We could go on for days collecting these statements of his.

Mattarella, a great European man

When the war is over and the Russian Federation of the international criminal putin will have been rejected beyond the Ukrainian borders, many will want to jump on the bandwagon, denying their doubts about Ukraine and their pro-Russian statements during this unfortunate military aggression.
A place of honor should instead be given to Sergio Mattarella who patiently, avoiding outcry and controversy, day after day through his diplomatic network continues to build consensus around Ukraine's resistance without ever losing the path towards a truly just and lasting peace . Thank you President.