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Buy me a fighter jet

Buy me a Fighter Jet by Aviatsiya Halychyny, raising funds for a Jet for the Ukrainian army

If the Ukrainian army lacks something, that something is its air force. If there had been air superiority right from the start, many of the horrors that occurred in these months of war certainly would not have happened and the counter-offensive could have achieved even quicker results with adequate coverage of the skies. But it is useless today to regret what could have been and what was not and to do as the organization did Aviatsiya Halychyny than through his project Buy me a Fighter Jet has set itself the goal of raising funds for the purchase of a Jet L-39ZA/ART for the armed forces.

Is it really possible to buy a Jet?

Not everyone can access the international defense market to go shopping for weapons, but Aviatsiya Halychyny has established relationships with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to be able to guarantee the possibility of purchasing the jet as a third party and then selling it to the army once the budget has been reached. Even the model of the aircraft itself was agreed with the relevant government bodies who identified the right prototype suited to the needs of the armed forces.
The L-39ZA/ART model in fact responds to many needs, such as proximity to NATO standards, the ability to be equipped with Western armaments and the possibility of also being used as a training aircraft for the transition of pilots to the new F16 models which, sooner or later, they will reach the skies of Ukraine.

Buy a t-shirt at Aviatsiya Halychyny and help buy a Jet to Ukraine

Aviatsiya Halychyny buy a t-shirt
The t-shirt dedicated to #buymeafighterjet on sale on Aviatsiya Halychyny

Aviatsiya Halychyny is also an online clothing store themed military aeronautics and on its website it has integrated the possibility of helping the project Buy me a Fighter Jet through the purchase of a dedicated t-shirt.
In fact, by purchasing the #BUYMEAFIGHTERJET t-shirt 50% of the cost of the clothing item will be donated to raise funds for the purchase of the Jet for the Ukrainian army.

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Aviatsiya Halychyny on social media

As well as on their website you can follow all the news from Aviatsiya Halychyny also on social media, where they are very active to present all their clothing models inspired by the Ukrainian Air Force. 

How to make a donation to the fund Buy me a Fighter Jet

If you want to contribute to this impressive fundraiser for the purchase of a Jet for the Armed Forces of Ukraine you can make your donation directly from the foundation's website (where you will find all the detailed information on the project) or on the Aviatsiya Halychyny by purchasing one of the t-shirts dedicated to this project.