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Support Azov, fundraising for the Third Separate Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian army

The war in Ukraine unleashed by Russia saw numerous heroic acts by the Ukrainian armed forces engaged in defending their legitimate borders against the expansionist aims of the international criminal putin, and the Third Separate Assault Brigade she became the protagonist of numerous dangerous missions.
Support Azov was born with the aim of raising funds for this brigade, coming into direct contact with them and understanding their primary needs.

The Army's Third Separate Assault Brigade: from Irpin and Bucha to Mariupol

The Third Separate Assault Brigade is made up of volunteers from the famous Azov battalion and during the first months of the war it participated in several very dangerous but fundamental missions for the liberation of cities occupied by the Russians. In fact, they intervened to liberate Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel between February and March 2022, and subsequently carried out extremely risky air raids to break the siege of Mariupol, where thousands of soldiers of the Azov battalion together with fleeing civilians had taken refuge in the Azovstal steelworks by Russian orcs.

Since January 2023 the unit has been engaged in the defense of Bakhmut, inflicting very serious losses on the enemy and Wagner mercenaries.

How Support Azov works

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Some active fundraisers on the Support Azov website

The Support Azov foundation works closely with the Third Separate Assault Brigade, promoting online and offline fundraising campaigns to bring fighters what they need most now: body armor, power generators, vehicles for evacuating the wounded and communication systems, which are increasingly important in this war.
There are currently three active online fundraisers: one for purchasing vehicle repair equipment used during missions in Bakhmut, one to supply the brigade current generators and one for the purchase of tools for building fortifications to defend their positions from enemy attacks.
On their site you can also find all the collections carried out in the past, and reports of how the funds raised were used.

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Support Azov on social networks

You can follow Support Azov's activity updates directly on their social channels.

How to help Support Azov

On the Support Azov website you can choose the fundraising campaign you are most interested in and make the donation via PayPal, international bank transfer or credit card (by clicking on Monobank). As the Support Azov staff says, there are no small donations…every penny counts!