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The mistake of Western pacifists

Pacifists have a problem with geography

Who doesn't want peace in Ukraine? Apart from the majority of Russians, I would say no one. But why do we all want the same thing and are instead opposing each other so strongly?
The mistake of our pacifists is not conceptual (actually it is, but that's another story), but geographical and it is easily solvable.

Pacifists and the geographical error

No longer in Milan, Rome or Berlin, bring your voice and your rainbow flags to Moscow, in Minsk, in Tehran, in Pyongyang, in Gaza City!

Putting aside that small group of indefensible pro-Russian propagandists who have their concrete interests in seeing Western military aid to Ukraine reduced, thousands of people are demonstrating today for peace at any cost (even just by sharing the flag of peace on their social networks comfortably sitting on the sofa at home) are just making a gross mistake, but one which can be remedied immediately. The error is only geographical.
The places to demonstrate are wrong their contempt for weapons. No longer in Milan, Rome or Berlin, bring your voice and your rainbow flags to Moscow, in Minsk, in Tehran, in Pyongyang, in Gaza City!
We here in the West have understood this and we agree with you absolutely. War brings only death, destruction and psychological dramas that will weigh on the people involved for entire generations.
We here in Milan as in Berlin have understood this and share your desire to see it realized and indeed, before Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine we were succeeding. NATO was a practically dead and buried entity, the military defense expenditure of every European nation had fallen to historic lows, the military conscription obligation was canceled almost everywhere.

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Go to Moscow's Red Square and shout it out loud, enough war in Ukraine!
Go to Tehran and shout "no more oriental weapons to fly".
Go in front of the Russian embassies around the world and display your rainbow flag. Vindicate your desire for peace in the most appropriate forums.

Military spending in the West vs military spending in Russia

Even on the weapons chapter, we want to reassure you, NATO countries are struggling to reach even the desired defense budget of 2% of the Gross Domestic Product of each member. Pacifists, we heard you!
You should go to the Kremlin and ask putin & co. to reduce military spending which, second a Bloomberg analysis in 2024 they should double compared to those of 2023, with a triple impact on gross domestic product compared to that of NATO countries. It's useless to complain to those who have already listened to you, but you can fix it.

So it's too easy to be a pacifist

Not demanding any overly complex reasoning, let's face it, it is too easy to be pacifist with the war of others, it is too easy to ask others to give up their sovereignty and their future without fighting. Don't ask anything from the attacked country, instead ask the aggressor country to withdraw, you will see that no one will hit them during the retreat (even if the temptation will be strong).
Do not accuse Europe and the USA of wanting to provoke a direct war with Russia, we have already reiterated that we must not humiliate putin! But ask Medvedev directly why every other day he threatens to exterminate the entire West in a nuclear apocalypse.

At least try, and if you can get home, we'll talk about it among ourselves.

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