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Wardrobes Rooms Serhiy Savchenko

A new Savchenko exhibition inspired by aggression against Ukraine

From 10 November 2023 to 24 November 2023 at the Savchenko Gallery the exhibition will be held in Gdansk, Poland Wardrobes / Rooms di Serhiy Savchenko, inspired by the critical condition of the Ukrainians during this war.

The inspiration for the exhibition Wardrobes / Rooms by Serhiy Savchenko

wardrobe rooms savchenko poster
The poster of Serhiy Savchenko's exhibition Wardrobe / Rooms (click to enlarge)

The works that are part of the Wardrobes collection were created by the artist Serhiy Savchenko between 2022 and 2023 and represent the sense of emptiness and absence in which millions of Ukrainian citizens found themselves in spite of themselves. Objects and clothes without a visible owner, but which can actually tell us a lot about who owned them.

Rooms, on the other hand, is a collection that represents interiors of shops, houses and churches in Gdansk, also rooms empty of men, but full of objects that tell the story of daily life in which people are simple spectators from the outside.

The exhibition Wardrobes / Rooms by Serhiy Savchenko is a touching testimony of our contemporaneity in one of the darkest and most difficult historical periods.

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Wardrobes / Rooms, from 10 November 2023 in Gdansk, Poland

The exhibition will be held from November 10, 2023 in Gdansk, Poland at the Savchenko Gallery and will be free to enter.

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