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Buy a piece of destroyed Russian tank and help Ukraine

The ways to help Ukraine are varied and on Stand for Ukraine we talked about the most creative fundraisers activated for this emergency. Between postcards to send to Russian embassies, possibility to write a personalized message on a Himars missile and sale of parts of downed Russian planes, we can realize how much commitment and creativity were put in place by the Ukrainians to achieve victory in any way.

Gate to Ukraine and help for Ukrainian families

Gate to Ukraine is an association based both in the USA and in Ukraine and deals with raise funds to help families in difficulty because of the war. On their website you can find ongoing charity projects and make a donation for the family you wish to help. All these people found themselves directly involved in the conflict and lost everything. Home, loved ones, clothes. They often found themselves having to start from scratch. The help from Gate to Ukraine in these cases serves precisely as assistance to bring basic necessities to these families and to help them restart in conditions that are still extremely difficult. Often it is precisely the things that we take for granted and that cost us a ridiculous amount that have the greatest value. Clothes, food, medicine.

Gate to Ukraine and Destroy the Tank

Russian tank fragment for sale
The Russian tank fragment for sale on Gate to Ukraine

To support its projects, Gate to Ukraine has put in all its efforts. With their contacts in Ukraine they managed to come into possession of a Russian tank destroyed in Kharkiv in 2022, and now part of this tank could become yours!
In fact, Gate to Ukraine managed to recover the cannon of this tank, cut it into 500 parts and create a very precious souvenir for you!
How many of your friends can claim to own an original piece of Russian tank decommissioned by the Ukrainian army?
The tank, a T80BVM, was hit near Kharkiv by a Javelin from the heroic Kraken brigade.

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The fragments of this tank are in limited edition, only 500 pieces at a cost of $250 each, so hurry if you too want to own a unique piece of history! The entire amount will be donated to support families promoted by the Gate to Ukraine association.

Gate to Ukraine its social networks

You can follow the activities of the Gate to Ukraine association on their social networks to stay up to date on all their beneficial projects and the results achieved.

How to buy an original Russian tank piece

If you want to buy a piece of Russian tank through the Destroy the Tank project by Gate to Ukraine you can go to their website in the Destroy the Tank section and make the purchase by paying by credit card. Shipments are also guaranteed outside Ukraine.