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7 sentences about Ukraine said by those who are not informed

Top 7 phrases about the war in Ukraine said by those who are not informed

Se seguite con interesse e serietà la guerra in Ucraina, e soprattutto se ne siete coinvolti direttamente o indirettamente avendo parenti, amici o conoscenti che risiedono in Ucraina, vi sarà capitato di parlare con persone che di questo conflitto hanno solo un’idea confusa e superficiale, principalmente derivante dall’opinione dei media e della politica che stanno nascondendo la reale pericolosità del conflitto scatenato dalla russia.
We don't want to do in-depth geopolitical analyzes here, but with a pinch of lightness we present the Top 7 phrases and the questions that, when talking to those who are not very interested in this war, we often hear and which are very difficult to answer.

Top 7 phrases about the war in Ukraine that are difficult to answer, even if we will try.

They can't leave a putin what does he want and end it here?
Possible answer: Leaving even a single centimeter of soil a putin it would mean the collapse of Europe.

The media influence of Russian propaganda has certainly had some effects. Mainly it has eroded the consensus around unthinking support for Kyiv on the part of governments too busy chasing electoral polls. Secondly, it has almost irreversibly confused the thoughts of that large segment of citizens interested only in their own domestic problems.

In light of this confusion of thought we have drawn up the list of seven phrases that we have all heard at least once from anyone not directly affected by the war in Ukraine and not particularly interested in what happens outside the borders of their own country. Usually these questions are very difficult to answer and often the interlocutor reaches his goal: not having to talk about this damned war anymore. But we are courageous and also try to outline an answer.

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1) But why don't they kill him (referring to putin)?

Possible answer: It is very difficult to kill a head of state sitting on top of a few thousand nuclear warheads and who over the course of twenty years of unchallenged power in Russia has created a parallel army to defend himself exclusively. However, the idea is very appetizing. Excellent!

2) I feel sorry for the deaths on both sides.

Possible answer: You should only feel sorry for the Ukrainian victims who are defending their country from brutal aggression. Let's not forget that most Russian citizens are on the same page as the international criminal putin, they grew up eating bread and propaganda and the result is what we all see before our eyes: ferocious aggression, destruction, rape and torture by the Russian army on peaceful Ukrainian cities. And no one protests.

3) They can't leave a putin what does he want and end it here?

Possible answer: Leaving even a single centimeter of soil a putin it would mean the collapse of Europe. The awareness that with a military aggression against a country with fewer war resources it is possible to conquer new territories is precisely what the Russia-Iran-China axis is eagerly awaiting to launch a bigger offensive against democratic societies to subvert the world order.

4) You can't hear anything anymore, is something still happening?

Possibile risposta: Sì, se non senti niente a riguardo dovresti usare internet non solo per vedere video stupidi su TikTok o per condividere qualche bestialità su Facebook, ma potresti approfondire online le tue ricerche sull’argomento. Ci sono tante fonti serie ed autorevoli a riguardo, perchè non imparare a conoscerle?

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5) But the West has its faults…

Possibile risposta: l’occidente ha la colpa di essere un modello di libertà e democrazia al quale le nazioni oppresse dall’imperialismo russo e cinese vorrebbero aspirare. Il modello europeo o USA non aggredisce con le bombe gli stati fuori dalla loro influenza, ma li attrae determinando la loro aspirazione a farne parte. E questa cosa fa infuriare la russia che, a differenza degli stati occidentali, non spende miliardi di dollari in welfare ma in armi e non amplia i diritti sociali ma li opprime. Che poi dal 2014 al 2022 tutti gli stati democratici d’occidente abbiano dormito un sonno profondo questo è un dato ormai appurato, ma che nulla ha a che fare con l’aggressione alla russia.

6) When do you think it will end?

Possible answer: I hope soon... but what kind of question is that?

7) Oh but also Zelensky…

Possible answer: President Zelensky surprised even the most sceptical, putting his heart and soul into directing the resistance directly from the heart of Ukraine, becoming a symbol for his people (and not only). From the first day of the invasion he channeled the support and help of the entire free world into Ukraine instead of running away as European heads of state often did during the Second World War with the excuse of directing operations from a safe place. Zelensky put his face to it, risking his life every day, with that indomitable spirit that he transmitted to every Ukrainian remaining in their homeland to defend every inch of their land against the Russian invasion. Without Zelensky, it is possible that we would not be here now talking about Ukraine's accession to the European Union, but we will probably be worried about the deployment of thousands of Russian troops on the borders with the Baltic states or Poland.

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