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Lego with Ukraine united24

LEGO and United24 together for the reconstruction of Ukraine

You are a construction enthusiast or collector (or both). LEGO? Very good, thanks to the collaboration between LEGO and United24 now you can combine business with pleasure (but hurry, you only have until November 28, 2023)!
The funds raised will all flow into the project Rebuild Ukraine by United24.

#LEGOWITHUKRAINE for the Rebuild Ukraine project

LEGO and United24 have partnered on the Rebuild Ukraine project for reconstruction of some apartments in Kyiv oblast destroyed by the Russians during the war. In particular we are talking about residential apartments in the unfortunately famous cities of Irpin, Borodyanka, Hostomel, Buzova and Myla, epicenters of Russian barbarism between February and March 2022.  

LEGO produced three sets of constructions representing three of the most iconic symbols of Ukraine: The Haspra's Swallow's Nest Castle in temporarily occupied Crimea, the very famous Mother of the Fatherland statue in Kyiv and Mariupol's Old Water Tower temporarily occupied. Three truly unmissable LEGO sets for all fans and also for those who care about the reconstruction of courageous Ukraine.

LEGO sets for United24

As we were saying, LEGO sets represent three symbolic places of Ukraine, let's look at them specifically.

Swallow's Nest Castle in Haspra (Crimea)
Haspra Castle is perhaps the most famous sight in Crimea, a medieval neo-Gothic castle that sits on a cliff overlooking the Black Sea.
Swallow's nest castle crimea lego

The Mother of the Fatherland, Kyiv
The symbolic monument of Kyiv, the tallest monumental statue in Europe (and even taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York), we are sure that at the end of the war it will also be the symbol of victory for all Ukrainians.

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Statue of Mother Kyiv Lego

Old Water Tower, Mariupol
The old water tower has stood tall over Mariupol since 1910 and originally served to provide drinking water to two-thirds of the city's residents. It still stands tall in occupied Mariupol and gave refuge to the city's citizens during the Russian siege. We can't wait to see the yellow-blue flag return to its summit.

old water tower mariupol lego

How to enter the draw for LEGO #LEGOWITHUKRAINE sets

Be careful though, the LEGO sets are in a super limited edition (only 5 copies for each construction set) and to participate in the draw to receive them you have until November 28, 2023.
Copies of the LEGO #LEGOWITHUKRAINE sets will be awarded by lottery among those who have donated at least $24 to United24 for the Rebuild Ukraine project for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

United24's Rebuild Ukraine project

United24 is carrying out this important project to rebuild the vacant war zones after the terrible passage of the Russian butchers. Thousands of people have lost their homes destroyed by bombing and Rebuild Ukraine is committed to giving these brave citizens a light of hope in their lives again.
Several works have already been carried out since this project was launched, there is still a lot of work to be done, but with everyone's help it will be possible to achieve this victory together.