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Animal Rescue Kharkiv, a hope for animals in war zones in Ukraine.

Animals are yet another innocent victim of the inhumane war of putin against Ukraine, but the Ukrainian associations active for their protection are literally working miracles to resist and bring the necessary care and assistance to the greatest possible number of animals in difficulty. That's what he's doing Animal Rescue Kharkiv.

Animal Rescue Kharkiv, recovery and care of animals in difficulty

Life in the contact zones is no longer life, it is pain, precariousness, suffering, not only for human beings but also for the animals involved.

Animal Rescue Kharkiv is an association based in the Kharkiv area, in the east of the country. We know well how brutally these areas have been hit by the Russians since the beginning of this war, without mercy for anyone, man or animal.
Their very difficult job is to bring to safety the highest number of dogs and cats who are living in critical conditions, without food, water and in need of medical care, often without anyone to take care of them.
Many animals have also experienced the horror of the Russian occupation of Ukrainian cities or have suffered injuries due to the destruction caused by Russian bombing. Life in the contact zones is no longer life, it is pain, precariousness, suffering, not only for human beings but also for the animals involved.

Animal Rescue Kharkiv intervenes precisely in these situations, its staff takes care of rescuing the animal, bringing it first aid and transferring it to a safe shelter so that it can also recover psychologically. But true psychological recovery for the animal can only happen through adoption and Animal Rescue Kharkiv dedicates an important part of its work to finding a new safe home for rescued animals. Adopting an animal that has suffered such a shock is certainly not easy, but love and patience can heal even the deepest wounds.

Animal Rescue Kharkiv adoptions

animal adoptions ukraine Animal Rescue Kharkiv
Some of the Animal Rescue Kharkiv animals looking for a new family

The adoption of the animals rescued by Animal Rescue Kharkiv into a new family is the culmination of their hard work. The moment in which the possibility of a better future materializes for the dog or cat that has suffered so much from this war. On their website you can see the entire list of animals currently waiting for adoption and all the association's contact details to ask for more information on how to proceed with the adoption.

The stories of these animals are touching and painful, it is impossible not to reflect on how war overwhelms and destroys the lives of everyone, men and animals. Many dogs come from those places that have become sadly famous and whose name will always be in our memory. Some dogs being treated at Animal Rescie Kharkiv come from Bakhmut and Avdiivka, cities that now exist only on the map and where every breath of life has been wiped out by the brutality of Russian criminals. It is not even possible to imagine how much pain and suffering these animals had to endure.

Animal Rescue Kharkiv on social networks

The association is very active on its social channels and shares the stories of all their animals, raises funds and basic necessities for the care of their patients and is always looking for new families for adoption. Follow them and support their very important activity.