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About Us

About us

Together to help Ukraine was born over a year after Russia's large-scale invasion of peaceful Ukraine to collect humanitarian initiatives, fundraising and activities aimed at giving support to the Ukrainian people in these terrible years.

The Italian media seem to have forgotten the tragedy (as expected), but we have discovered that ordinary people, associations and even some institutions continue their work of supporting Ukraine. Often, however, these initiatives are difficult to know due to poor visibility. therefore wants to collect what we think are the safest and most deserving initiatives to lend a hand (although a drop in the bucket is still something) to the courageous Ukrainian people who have been fighting every day since 24 February 2022 for their independence, for his and for our future.

We do not collect donations of any kind, we do not transact money into any initiative, nor do we transfer goods or aid. is limited only to reporting via links where you can get more information on how to make donations through the many Italian and international initiatives. Knowledge of these activities is itself a weapon in aid of Ukrainians and Ukraine.

Specifically, we collect and disclose this information:

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